Yukon Real Estate- Why Buy?

A life with no more rent, the ability to generate personal financial growth, pride of ownership, and a safe and secure investment in your future. All great reasons to take the next step in the home ownership process. First time home buyers, folks who upgrade their home to the next level or seasoned investors all have one thing in common. Satisfaction of ownership.

Whitehorse’s home values have gone up considerably over the last few years. So has the net worth of all those folks who have purchased or have remained in their homes to see the rise in our real-estate market. Climbing aboard the real estate train may seem daunting, however with low interest rates, positive regional economic forecasts and future population estimates, one could argue from an investment standpoint, homeownership in the Yukon is a sound decision.

Most people today finance a significant portion of their home purchase by way of a Mortgage. In the early stages of home ownership the debt may seem huge… It may very well be! The reality is that home ownership is a process. For most this process is equally about investing in oneself as it is in the tangible asset they will come to use and enjoy. The home ownership process generally takes time and time allows you the flexiblity to generate a living environment that maximizes your ROI . Unless you have the capital to pay for your home outright, the reality for most of us is such that we build our equity slow and steady. Unfortunately there is a cost for this, however most homeowners would agree: They’d rather build equity in their own home than pad the pockets of another landlord.

Financially Speaking… Is this something you’re prepared for. One of the most beneficial suggestions I can provide in determining the financial viabilty of home ownership is to schedule a time where I can sit down and discuss your situation. At your convenience of course, I can assess your current income situation or ownership stake and provide you with the framework you need to start your home ownership, upgrade or investment venture.
I’ll provide you with a very accurate snapshot and generate a personal portfolio that will assist in all aspects that you’re about to endeavour. From mortgage finance to closing costs, knowledge is power and it’s waiting for you to use. You’ll know the right questions to ask your lender and generally be more informed than you would have thought possible. Bottom line… Find out where you stand, BEFORE the excitement of house hunting sets in. When it comes time to sign on the dotted line, you would have covered all angles and will be happy in the decisions “YOU” have made. I’m here to help in more ways than you may have thought possible!


• Do you need several bedrooms, more than one bathroom, space for a home office, a two-car garage?

• Do you want air conditioning, storage or hobby space, a fireplace, or a hot tub? Do you have family members with special needs?

• Do you plan to have children? Downtown or suburbs? Proximity to recreation or work.

• Do you need a substantial backyard? Pets?

• Is there adequate storage space?

• Will any remodeling be required to make the home move-in ready for you?

• What service providers (cable, Internet, telephone, Satelite) are available in the area, and is the house completely wired for each?

• Can you hear me now? How strong is the cell phone reception?

• How much are the yearly property taxes?

• How much do utilities run each month? Does the house use gas or electric for the furnace, water heater, and appliances?

• How old are the major appliances, and which are included with the house?

• Have there been any major repairs to the house, and if so, when were they completed? For example, how old is the roof? Has water ever damaged the basement or foundation?

• Ever had problems with insects, such as termites and spiders, or rodents?

• Older homes need to be carefully examined – Windows may need caulking or new sashes, bathroom tiles may need grouting, home may need rewiring (planning on a hot tub or sauna?), a new hot water heater, or a new furnace.



• How far will you be commuting and what is the traffic like? Factor in cost of fuel.

• Where will your children attend school and how will they commute?

• Are there recreational facilities and parks close by?

• Are you close to family and friends?

• Is safety or crime an issue?

• Is the property close to an obstacle or negative influence? (i.e. an apartment building, shopping centre, school, radio tower, power lines, highway, airport or commercial project).

• Access to schools, work, recreation, shopping centres, public transportation, cultural attractions, libraries, churches and hospitals.

• Adjacent undeveloped land – what is proposed for this or other green space?

• Heavy traffic can be noise nuisance and hazard for children.

• Distance from the unit to amenities, parking, walkways, roads, public transit.

• Does the neighbourhood reflect positively on the value of the condo and your lifestyle choice?

• Does this neighbourhood, for any reason, have a poor reputation?

• Is the future economic climate for the area good? Are businesses moving in? Is there government investment?

• Are people moving in or out of the neighbourhood? What is their age, income level, family size?

• Are there plans for this neighbourhood that you may be unaware of (i.e. a future highway, a commercial development or a new housing development) that will provide competition on resale?



• Proximity to highways, driveways, parking lots, playgrounds, airports.

• Proximity to elevators, garbage disposal, fire exits, heating and air conditioners.

• How well is the building soundproofed.

• Visit at different times/weekends to check noise levels and activity.