Curb Appeal Can Make or Break a Home Sale

The first impression potential buyers get when they drive up in front of a house sets the tone for the entire showing – and actually affects what they’ll see when they go inside.

If the exterior is well maintained and attractive, buyers will expect to see an attractive, well-maintained interior as well. As a result, they might not notice small imperfections.

On the other hand, if the exterior looks run down, they’ll notice every flaw inside the house even if it’s clean, freshly painted, and well maintained. That is, if they go inside at all. I’ve been with buyers who took one look at a home’s exterior and refused to go in.

So the first step in preparing a house for sale is to create the “curb appeal.” Fix-up, paint-up, and clean up – so the first impression is “Wow, this is nice!

In winter, cut back dead flowers and make sure all is neat and tidy. In summer, keep the lawns mowed and the flower gardens free of weeds.

If your entry door is scratched from pets wanting in, or if it just looks worn, take the time to repaint. And if you want to do just a bit more to impress, install a new door knob! If you have a screen door, scrub it – and replace the screen if it’s torn.

Finally, purchase a new entry mat for outside the door. A small thing, but it will protect your floors while it makes a good impression.

Step back and try to see your home through a stranger’s eyes. Then eliminate any jarring notes. And if you need a fresh set of eyes, give me a call. I know the things that buyers notice most and will be glad to share.