How Do You Like to Communicate?

Communication between you and your real estate agent is important to a successful home search, and later to successful negotiation, agreement, and closing.

I realize that we all like to communicate in different ways. That’s why one of the first questions I’ll ask when we work together is “How would you like me to maintain contact with you?”

Do you prefer the telephone, e-mail, or perhaps text messages? Maybe your work day is such that a FAX is most convenient for you.

Whatever makes communication the most convenient and timely for you is the method I’ll use.

A standard line in every real estate purchase and sale agreement is “Time is of the essence.” That line refers to the fact that offers, counter-offers and contingencies all have time limits. If you miss a deadline the other party is under no obligation to continue with their side of the bargain. And some people are in a hurry for answers. You could, for instance, have but a day in which to respond to a counter-offer.

I’ll review all correspondence from the seller’s agent as soon as I receive it, and I’ll let you know right away when your response is required.

Time is also of the essence when a new listing appears. You don’t want to find out that you missed your dream house because you didn’t know it was available until after it was under contract with someone else.

One of my pledges to you is timely communication – your way. When you’re searching for your home, during negotiations, and when we’re taking care of the contingencies and the various activities leading up to closing I’ll keep you informed.

And of course, I’ll respond quickly any time you contact me with a question or a concern. You can contact me any time, yes that’s right…Anytime, and I promise I’ll get back to you within the hour – and probably much sooner.