Get Your Home Search Off on the Right Foot…

Searching for the perfect home when there are so many to choose from or not enough can be an overwhelming task. You don’t want to go see dozens that are completely unsuitable, and you sure don’t want to miss the one that would be your dream home.

That’s why I have a three-pronged approach to helping you find a home.

First is the interview, when I’ll go over my checklist with you to make sure that I know which features you must have, and which features would be the frosting on the cake.

I’ll give you a copy of that checklist, along with some blank forms, so that when we’re viewing homes, you can keep track of what you’ve seen.

Then, as we view homes, I’ll pay attention. I’ll notice how you respond to details that don’t appear on listings, or even on my checklist. And I’ll add your likes and dislikes to my notes.

Third is my constant monitoring of the market. I make it a point to preview every possible home, and I talk to listing agents about those homes that I can’t preview.

The truth is, while our Multiple Listing Service is useful, not every detail is listed, so without making that extra effort, it would be easy to miss your dream house – or waste your time viewing homes that you wouldn’t like at all.

And I won’t fool around. When I see a listing that looks exciting, I’ll contact you right away.

So far, every one of my buyer clients has loved this system, and has found their dream home in record time, without having to spend every evening and week-end searching. Just because I love spending my days looking at homes doesn’t mean you do!

Call me if you’re ready to start looking this week. I’ll be happy to set a time for that first interview, and to get homes lined up for you to view.